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Inpatient Pediatric Services

Specialized Care for Special Patients

When your child is sick, you want to make sure they get the absolute best care. At Idaho Falls Community Hospital, our pediatric unit was designed with your child’s needs in mind. We have a team who is trained to provide the specialized treatment our community’s babies, children and teens require, all while keeping parents involved every step of the way.

Children Have Different Needs Than Adults

Our inpatient pediatric unit is unlike any other place in our hospital because it is just for children. The rooms are designed with soothing, calming colors and fun murals to help our patients feel more at home. We perform procedures in special, separate rooms, so our patients can always see their room as a safe and comfortable space. Our meals are made to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Even our state-of-the-art medical equipment is specifically designed to fit children’s smaller bodies. Creating a youth-friendly environment helps our youngest patients feel more at ease, while allowing us to provide better outcomes for our patients.

We're Here for You

The team at Idaho Falls Community Hospital is always standing by, so no matter what time of day you experience a spiked fever, mystery illness or unexpected emergency you can have confidence knowing our team will always be ready to help your child feel better.

Our team is qualified to treat children at all stages of their development and across a wide range of illnesses and injuries. We treat ear infections, asthma attacks, appendicitis’, fevers, bacterial infections and everything in between. If your child isn’t feeling well, turn to the pediatric specialists at Idaho Falls Community Hospital for help.

Preparing for Your Child's Hospital Stay

No matter what your age, staying overnight in the hospital can feel overwhelming. This is especially true for children. Rest assured our team will do everything we can to help put our patients and their parents at ease. We have toys and electronic devices to help children take their minds off what is happening. We also have games, books, art supplies and different activities to help keep your child entertained while they are in our care.

One important thing for you to remember is our team strongly believes in a family-centered model of care. We want mom and dad nearby and kept in the loop on everything that is happening with their child. Keeping children with their parents naturally helps them feel better and can make the recovery process a little bit easier on everyone.

Below is some specific information that may be helpful to you if your child ends up spending time at Idaho Falls Community Hospital.

Important Information

To help ease your child’s anxiety, we encourage you to pack familiar, comforting items such as robes, slippers, blanket, pillow, favorite toy or stuffed animal. Depending on your child’s diagnosis and treatment plan, your child could potentially wear their own loose-fitting clothing to help them feel more comfortable. Your child’s nurse can help you determine if it makes sense for them to wear their own clothing while receiving care.

We recognize we are not only caring for your child but your entire family. All of our rooms are spacious enough to accommodate the whole family during their visits. While your child is in the hospital, we encourage at least one parent or guardian to stay with them. To make things a bit easier on your family, we are happy to provide complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one parent during your child’s hospitalization. If more meals are needed for your family, Cornerstone Café is happy to serve you a nutritious, satisfying meal.

Every patient room has a sofa bed and recliner to make parents more comfortable. We welcome parents and guardians to stay with their children overnight. To support our patients’ recoveries, we do limit the number of overnight guests to two people. We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Practices and allow parents to co-sleep with their child at the hospital only if they are older than one year.

Hospital stays can be challenging on siblings as well. As much as possible, we encourage families to keep routines the same for siblings who do not need to be hospitalized. This includes sticking with their normal bedtimes. When possible, figure out your childcare plans early in the day. If you need assistance, please speak with our nursing team.

The safety of your child is our number one priority. Our pediatric department is a secure unit, so we screen every visitor. When your child is admitted to the hospital, you will be given a confidentiality code. You can use this code when calling to check on your child if you cannot be with them at hospital throughout their entire stay. You can also share this code with anyone you would like to stay updated on your child’s condition. To protect your child’s privacy, information on their condition will not be released without the proper code.

Patients and parents will be given matching wrist bands during their hospital stay. This helps us easily identify authorized caregivers. Please help our team care for your child by keeping wristbands on until they are discharged from our care.

Hospital Visitor Policy

Our top priority is always our patients’ well-being. Regular visits from family members can be an important part of recovery. While we encourage visitors, there may be times we may need to limit guests so our patients can get rest or be seen by their doctors.

Parents and guardians are always welcome at their child’s bedside. Other visitors are welcome during regular visiting hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

To protect the health of our patients, we ask visitors with fevers or any respiratory symptoms to wait to come to the hospital until they feel better and are symptom free.