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Inpatient Care

The Best Care for Your Recovery

Idaho Falls Community Hospital believes in compassionate care and healing with a personal touch. Our nurses and doctors are committed to providing you with the highest level of care. We are here around the clock so that you can get back to feeling like yourself.

We believe comfort plays a key role in patient recovery. If you need to stay at Idaho Falls Community Hospital, you will receive care in the privacy of your own room. Each of our 88 patient rooms has its own bathroom, window and sleeper sofa, so loved ones never need to be far away.

Is your loved one staying at the hospital? Visit our patient and visitor page for more information, support and guidance.

Intensive Care

Experience Meets Compassion

Idaho Falls Community Hospital is fully equipped to provide the highest level of care for patients who are critically ill or injured. Every team member who works in our intensive care unit has the training and experience necessary to provide patients with the specialized treatment they need.

We understand treating our patients requires more than cutting edge technology and a well-trained team. It takes compassion. Our team always goes beyond our patients’ medical records, so we can get to know them as individuals and develop a deeper understanding of all their needs. We are fully invested in helping each patient entrusted to our care get better.

The patients we see in the intensive care unit are often the most critically ill or injured in our hospital. We have the tools, resources and specialists to help them throughout their recovery. Patients in the ICU have access to multiple forms of respiratory care, continuous dialysis, non-invasive and invasive hemodynamic monitoring (which gives us important information on our patients’ heart functions), medication management, social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists and a highly trained medical team.

Care for the Entire Family

When we have a patient in the ICU, we know we are not just caring for them. We are caring for their entire family. It can be a scary time when a loved one is sick and in the ICU. Part of our job is to make this difficult time a little bit easier to manage.

We are always here to answer your questions and make sure you understand every part of the treatment process. Just remember, no question is ever too silly to ask and no request is ever too small to make. We will always do our best to accommodate the needs of your loved one and you.

If you currently have a family member in the ICU and you need to speak with our team, please give us a call at 208.528.1750.

Visiting Patients in the ICU

Our top priority is always our patients' well-being. We’ve found having loved ones nearby is a very important part of the recovery process, which is why we encourage family involvement. However, there are occasionally times when we may need to limit visitors, so our patients can get rest or have a procedure done.

Our daily visiting hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visitors in the ICU are allowed two visitors at a time.

Currently, we are not allowing visitors for patients who are hospitalized for COVID-19. However, in these situations, our team will do all we can to help you stay connected by facilitating FaceTime calls or other types of communication.

We also understand there are special circumstances that will require us to make exceptions to our visitor policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a patient is in our intensive care unit, they simply need a higher level of care. Our team has extensive training so we can closely monitor our patients and provide specialized treatment. Most of our patients only stay in the ICU for a brief period of time before they are moved to our main recovery floor.

Every patient is different. Stays can range from a couple of nights to a few weeks.

Absolutely! We welcome visitors from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Patients are allowed a maximum of two visitors at a time.

If your doctor is credentialed at Idaho Falls Community Hospital, they can see you and treat you at our facility. We also have an amazing team of physicians who specialize in providing critical care. They can lead your care or work with your preferred physician.

We know you want to show your loved one they are in your thoughts. While they are in the ICU, the best way to show you care is a thoughtful card. Unfortunately, for our patients safety we cannot allow many of the things people typically send when someone is feeling unwell – such as flowers, food or balloons. If you want to send something, please give our team a call first to make sure it is safe.

Yes, children are allowed to visit loved ones in the ICU. However, with the ongoing pandemic, visitors under 18 are only allowed to see patients in 15 minute increments.