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A healthcare system

Dedicated to You

We are more than a hospital, we are partners in your health. At Idaho Falls Community Hospital, we believe in compassionate care, healing with a personal touch, and giving everyone who walks through our doors our undivided attention and full support in times of sickness and in health.

We can’t wait to start caring for you in late 2019.

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  • Parking Garage1

    Parking Garage

    Patients can keep their cars warm in the winter and cool in the summer in a 302-space parking garage.

  • Emergency Room2

    Emergency Room

    Community members can rely on our compassionate team of doctors to care for them in their greatest time of need at our state-of-the-art emergency room.

  • Café3


    We know healthcare is a family affair so Idaho Falls Community Hospital was designed with the entire family in mind. While patients rest, family and friends can enjoy a home-cooked meal in our café and outdoor patio.

  • Private Rooms4

    Private Rooms

    Every patient who stays at Idaho Falls Community Hospital will be able to heal in their own private room. Each room has its own window and is designed with patients’ comfort and privacy in mind.

  • State of the Art Equipment5

    State of the Art Equipment

    Idaho Falls Community Hospital will have the latest in medical equipment so patients can have access to the most advanced care.

  • Electronic Medical Record6

    Electronic Medical Record

    Your medical history matters and plays a huge role in developing your care plan. Idaho Falls Community Hospital will use an electronic medical record so they can coordinate with your primary physician instantly.


Let Us Serve You

Our hospital's comprehensive services will help keep you feeling good so you can take on the world. And when you don't feel like yourself, our team will get you back on your feet so you're ready to take on life's next adventure.

Emergency Room

Our team of skilled doctors and nurses will be available to help you around the clock. No matter your medical emergency, our team is here to take care of you.

Intensive Care

When you are seriously ill, you need an experienced and expertly trained team dedicated to your care – look no further than Idaho Falls Community Hospital.

Kidney Care

Your kidneys play a critical role in keeping you healthy. Our team provides patients with cutting-edge treatment in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Cancer Care

Sometimes cancer isn’t the only thing you’re fighting. If you have to enter the hospital for any type of illness, our team will ensure you continue your fight against cancer uninterrupted.

Heart & Vascular Care

Life takes a lot of heart. Let our doctors keep yours in tip-top shape. We have the latest imaging equipment and technology so our experts can develop a deeper picture of your health in order to create customized care plans.

Back & Spine Care

Most Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Our team of experts will get to the root of your pain and help solve it as quickly as possible.

A Look at What's to Come

The future home of all your healthcare needs.

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