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March 18th Update

Cornerstone Café has made some pretty big changes in the last 24 hours to promote social distancing and help reduce the chance of spreading germs.

Idaho Falls Community Hospital removed many of the tables in the Café to reduce the total number of people dining at one time. The remaining tables are spread out to create 6-feet of space between each table. As soon as someone is done eating, our team immediately sanitizes the table, so it is clean for the next person who sits down.

For now, Cornerstone Café has also closed self-serve stations. Typically, we have a salad bar and pizza station where customers can help themselves. With rising concerns over COVID-19, we have decided to prepackage all meals in individual servings at the salad bar and we will happily serve you at our pizza oven.

We have also moved silverware, glasses, straws and condiments behind the counter. Whatever you need, simply ask our team and we will hand it to you. This way, you can be certain the only people to touch your items are our culinary team and you. All of our team members are wearing gloves and regularly washing their hands to keep you healthy.

Our team is working around the clock to keep you safe and well fed.