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RSV is on the Rise. Tips to Keep your Kids Healthy

It is undeniable. RSV, short for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is on the rise in our community. This common virus runs its course every year and typically brings on an onset of cold-like symptoms. While RSV is generally mild for most people, this year, RSV is hitting children particularly hard and causing serious respiratory infections.

Recipes to Celebrate World Diabetes Day

Diabetes impacts more than 37 million Americans. Fortunately, the disease doesn’t have to dictate your day-to-day routine, especially with proper care. A huge component of diabetes is managing your blood sugar and keeping it within a healthy target range.

Idaho Falls Community Hospital Now In-Network with Aetna

Idaho Falls Community Hospital is excited to announce we are now in-network with Aetna! This is a big deal for patients covered by Aetna health insurance because it means you get to keep more money in your wallet and pay less for your care at our hospital.

Idaho Falls Community Hospital Earns Higher Trauma Designation

Idaho Falls Community Hospital is proud to announce we are now a designated Level III Trauma Center. We earned our new, higher trauma designation from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare by demonstrating our ability to provide the community with prompt, lifesaving care. The designation allows Idaho Falls Community Hospital to care for more critical patients.