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Idaho Falls Community Hospital Earns Higher Trauma Designation

Idaho Falls Community Hospital is proud to announce we are now a designated Level III Trauma Center. We earned our new, higher trauma designation from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare by demonstrating our ability to provide the community with prompt, lifesaving care. The designation allows Idaho Falls Community Hospital to care for more critical patients.

“Community members put their trust in our team when they experience an emergency and all of us take that responsibly seriously,” said Casey Jackman, COO of Idaho Falls Community Hospital. “We have worked hard to ensure we have all of the training and equipment necessary to quickly assess our patients, perform emergency operations and resuscitation, stabilize those who are injured and provide follow up care in our ICU. Our Level III Trauma Certification lets the community know they are in good hands when they come to us for treatment.”

As a Level III Trauma Center, emergency physicians are at our hospital 24-hours a day to care for the community. Surgeons and anesthesiologists are also always available, so should patients require an emergency surgery we will provide them with prompt care.

“It is remarkable that in a little more than two years our team was able to take Idaho Falls Community Hospital from an undesignated trauma hospital to a Level III Trauma Center,” said Dr. Brian O’Byrne, Idaho Falls Community Hospital’s Time Sensitive Emergency Director. “This accomplishment is a true testament to the commitment and dedication of our team. They have worked so hard to provide our community with exceptional emergency care.”

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare oversees trauma designations as part of Idaho’s Time Sensitive Emergency System program. Hospitals must undergo a rigorous review process and site inspection in order to earn certifications. The team at Idaho Falls Community Hospital started working on its Level III trauma certification shortly after achieving its Level IV Trauma designation in May of 2021.

Idaho Falls Community Hospital’s emergency department is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so patients can receive care whenever they need it. We have more than 80 in-patient rooms, including a 16-bed intensive care unit, for patients who need to be admitted for additional care.